Travel and leisure is a major topic around the globe and in the minds of people. Air travel may be termed the fastest and probably the safest means of travel, but it can also be just as deadly.

Say the Tenerife airport coalition that happened on the runway. That incident left a mark not only in the airport industry but also in the hearts of people. The death toll registered on that fateful day was 583 passengers, so to say the least, airline safety is a major factor to be considered by everyone. This article will feature a list of the safest airlines to fly and the reasons why they are termed the best and safest for travel.

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What are the safest airlines to fly? Over the years, reports and investigations have been held to determine best airlines to fly, some of which are highlighted below:

  • Air New Zealand
  • Qantas Australia
  • British Airways
  • Qatar Airlines
  • Emirates Cathay
  • Pacific Airways
  • Lufthansa
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Swiss International Airlines
  • American Airways
  • Finnair Reuters Airlines
  • Etihad Airways
  • All Nippon Airways of Japan KLM
  • Eva 10 Airways

Why are they termed to be the safest?

Over the years, airline accidents have greatly declined for various reasons. This has shone a light on the right and wrong ways of handling matters in the airline industry.
Qantas Australian airline has taken the lead this year as the safest plane to fly according to

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They have been in the business of airlines for 96 years now and they definitely have a base as to how to handle their customers and to provide safety to its clients, they have no records of fatalities. Air New Zealand is also impeccable with its customer service, with non-stop flying all over the world, ranking top five every year. With fatalities and accident records being the top of security details, Finland’s Finnair Reuters has not recorded fatalities in the last 56 years.

The Emirates airline that is seen for its ever lavishing service has only one in the last thirty-one years of its existence. Germany’s Lufthansa airline has not recorded any fatalities as well as KLM, ever since they merged with Air France, they have not had fatalities as well. The other airlines do share the spotlight of being safe, responsible and with very few records of fatalities if any.

How is their safety determined?

Every industry has a governing body that regulates and controls the interest of the people as well as the industry. In the case of airlines, there are safety criteria that are followed to determine if an airline is fit to fly.

First off, it has to be IOSA certified, that is IATA operations safety audit system that determines the results of the audit of each plane. If they are satisfactory then it is a go, if no,t then it is not. Secondly, checking if an airline is blacklisted or not. Blacklisting can be for any reason, but the important factor is it is for a negative or harmful reason. An airline has to be airline endorsed by the FAA, Federal Aviation authority. Last but not least, it has to be within the safety parameters.

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All these go to show the safest plane to fly is the one that has been properly checked and accepted to fly, one that places the client first and the one that will satisfy all your needs.

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