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Resources for Members

Information and links that members need can be found on this page.  

Required reading:  Respect on Display:  How and Why CAP Practices Air Force Style Customs and Courtesies


Helpful Links:


e-Services e-Services is your internet link to National Headquarters.  Think of this as the main general database for CAP.

It is extremely important that ALL members establish an e-Services account and keep their contact information current!  This includes e-mail addresses, post office addresses, telephone numbers, emergency contacts, etc.  If we need to get in touch with you for any reason other than for emergency services missions, we use the information you provide here!

Cadets wishing to obtain a free USAF-style dress blues uniform must use e-Services to do so!

Use the Member Search utility to ensure that the record of your CAP achievements is up-to-date.  Direct any questions you might have up through your chain of command.


Cadet Uniforms

This page presents helpful information to the parents and guardians of new cadets about how to obtain the Air Force style dress blues uniforms and BDU uniforms.  The basic uniforms are usually available free of charge depending on availability.  In our squadron, most of the rest, except for the shoes and combat boots, is covered as part of your cadet's initial membership payment to CAP.

Uniform Manual
(Cadets and Adults)

This links to the Regulations and Manuals page of the national web site.  Scroll down to locate the the CAP Uniform Manual, which is number M39-1.  This manual fully describes all of the available uniforms and how and when they may be worn.

You will notice that the Uniform Manual can be downloaded in its entirety, or you can download smaller sections by chapter.  Don't forget to download and read the CAP/CC Letters, which are changes to the manual! 

Members can choose between USAF-style uniforms or CAP distinctive uniforms (also called CAP corporate uniforms).  For adult officers, the choice is yours.  Cadets will wear the uniforms chosen by the unit's Cadet Programs Officer.  Adult members not meeting weight-and-grooming standards must wear the CAP distinctive/corporate uniforms.

Your senior officers will gladly answer any questions you have about uniforms.  For new (and even for experienced) members, the uniforms can be confusing.  Talk to us!  We can help!


Vanguard Industries web site.  Most any uniform item can be purchased from Vanguard.  Look for the Civil Air Patrol link up at the top of their home page.


Perhaps the best source of custom ribbon racks in existence.  A little pricey, but the quality is unsurpassed!

The Supply Sergeant

The Supply Sergeant (Militaryclothing.com) is based in Pekin, IL.  Not a lot tailored to CAP, but they do have CAP name tapes and tags.

Tests and Exams

All Online CAP Courses and Exams

This links to the page on the National Headquarters web which accesses all CAP online courses and tests.

ICS Courses

This is a link to the FEMA web site's Incident Command System (ICS) courses:
  • ICS 100 (select IS-100.a)
  • ICS 200 (select IS-200.a)
  • ICS 700 (select IS-700.a)
  • ICS 800 (select IS-800.b)
Links to National and IL Wing Web Sites

CAP National Web Site

www.capmembers.com is the overall national web site for Civil Air Patrol.  There is a wealth of useful information in here.  All members are encouraged to spend some time exploring this web site.

Illinois Wing HQ Web Site

This is the website for the Illinois Wing headquarters.

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